Welcome to Markic Dental

Markic Dental is committed to making sure your dental experience is a comfortable, personalized & affordable one – all in one convenient location.

Who are we?

The Markic Dental team is a local group of dental specialists that have been serving the Mississauga area for 29+ years. Along with English, our staff speaks Croatian • Spanish • Italian • Hindi • Polish • Ukrainian & Mandarin.

What do we do for you?

We provide state-of-the-art traditional and cosmetic dental services, and, we offer these services at times that are very convenient to patients.

Our Team of Professionals are

Highly Qualified Dentists

Meet, and become acquainted with the Markic Team of dental experts. They’re approachable, and they know how to present their dental methods to you in easy to understand language.

They can provide you with comprehensive oral care that includes everything from preventative information and routine hygiene tips, to expert solutions for orthodontic and restorative issues.

Discover the Benefits

With the diverse backgrounds of our team member dentists, we’re able to offer you a full complement of dental care services when you need them – and in many different languages!

Child Friendly

We will introduce your child to dental care in the most sensitive and careful way to lower their resistance to visiting our offices.

Life Improvement

Enhance your life with a whiter smile, restored teeth, or by saving chewing teeth so you can eat the foods you like.

Adult Anxiety Reduction

Nervous? Don’t be. We can help you achieve that beautiful smile in a comfortable, safe & calming environment.

Preventative Care

We will give you all the tools required to prevent unwanted dental costs, and time away from work.

Ongoing Education

Our offices are equipped with monitors to display recommended patient action courses before proceeding. Your feedback will play a role in your treatment design.

Central Location

The office is on Rathburn Road West, between Mavis & Creditview Roads, just two minutes west of Square One Shopping Centre plus, lots of parking too.

A commitment

To Our Community

Dental care is important to all Canadians, and especially students, individuals without dental insurance or families on modest budgets.

Good information on proper dental hygiene can have a big impact on dental care savings. The Markic Dental office principals have visited local Mississauga schools to teach about lowering family dental costs and better oral healthcare. We can help you save.

We Speak Your Language!

• English • Croatian • Spanish • Italian • Hindi • Polish • Ukrainian • Mandarin