Dental Care Support Group

You will get immediate attention from the front counter group when you enter the Markic Dental offices. They are there to answer any questions you may have, and get you ready for your appointment.

All of our support group wear color coded uniforms to identify their department. Although not visible to you, additional team members are also playing important roles behind the scenes. Every member of our group is in place to insure you a highly satisfactory visit.

Pediatric Focus

All ages served

Yes, we understand that a dentist office can often seem strange and scary, and that a visit can cause anxiousness in younger patients. We take the all the time needed to ensure that every child patient, regardless of age, has a minimally stress free visit to our office.

Over many years of treating children, our office has refined a methodology that helps younger patients come to see us as people they can trust to help them.

Our High Quality Approach

Safe and Reliable

Markic Dental strives to maintain the highest stands of professional practice when it comes to equipment maintenance and performance.

Our staff members are trained in monitoring our sterilization equipment to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Special Services

Our Partners in Your Care

The top Mississauga labs assist us in creating your veneers and dental appliances. We also custom craft bite guards and sports guards to protect your teeth from injury or long term stress problems.

Guaranteed quick turnaround time and a perfect fit, or we will remanufacture the item.

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