Bridges are an effective way to replace missing teeth between teeth on both sides of the gap area. During the first visit, one of our dentists will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to accept the new bridge. The false teeth will reside in the gap. Extra effort will be made to make the three manufactured replacements look as realistic as possible.

Clients will leave this first visit with a temporary bridge until the final bridge is created and cemented in place with special material. This is the traditional bridge with crown.

A Cantilever Bridge will be used when you have a missing tooth, but next to it is a healthy strong tooth that the false tooth can be anchored to.

A ‘Maryland’ style bridge may be used when the patient has two natural teeth on both sides of the crown tooth. With this approach, porcelain or metal material may be used to attach the crown tooth to the other teeth.

A bridge may also be used in conjunction with implanted teeth. When it’s not possible for an implanted tooth to be placed everywhere a gap exists, a bridge would be used. When two implanted teeth are separated by a gap, a bridge can be created to go between them as well. Markic Dental can help you complete your smile with a dental crown or crown and bridge.