Cosmetic Bonding

When the dentist is looking to match the color of your tooth with filling material, they would likely choose bonding resin. This highly pliable plastic substance hardens under a special blue light. The hardened material must be drilled to be removed as it will now have ‘bonded’ to the chosen area. A bonded process can be used for either filling a tooth or for cosmetic purposes. A bonding approach may also be used to close spaces between teeth, change the overall appearance of teeth, or to protect exposed root areas.

Once a tooth is prepared for the material, special, pre-bond substances may be used to assure a strong adhesion. The process is not painful in any way, and many clients are surprised at how quick the finished result is arrived at.

Another one of the main benefits of a bonding procedure is the material can easily be shaped, making it easier to achieve specific results. Clients like the fact that unlike veneers and crowns, bonding generally does not require lab work and multiple visits. Most bonding repairs can be done in one visit, and the costs are much lower than the lab based restoration options.

While bonding is perfect for small repairs in special situations, is not suitable for major repair work. Let the experts at Markic Dental guide you to the best avenue for the results you are looking for.