Dental Implants

You’ve just had a tooth extracted, or lost a tooth due to trauma or unfortunate circumstances. All the possible replacement ideas have been looked at and the best choice decided on is a dental implant. What is it, and what happens next?

A dental implant consists of three specially integrated components. The first is the implant portion that is placed below the gum line and provides an anchor point for the implanted tooth. This is a permanent anchor. The second component, is the abutment or attachment that holds the tooth, bridge or other portion that is very visible.

The third piece is the crown, and this is the section that replaces the missing dental area. This will look and feel like a natural tooth. Once a decision to proceed with an implant is made, the first and most important part is the placement of the implant.

The success of the procedure is based on a successful long-term integration of the anchor with the bone material and gum area that surrounds it, and, your dentist will have looked at these two areas before recommending the procedure. Placement of the implant is crucial, as chewing and gum pressure impact must be considered as part of the overall design.

Your dentist may even use simulation and computer assisted help to make final determinations. Where the gum line has receded, and the bone material is less than ideal, pre- procedure options may be undertaken to ensure the best results possible. The eventual crown area may have permanent lag screws and special adhesive, or a removable special co-fitted adapter.

Either way, once again, the long-term success results will be based on gum and bone health, and their ability to receive the dental implant. Your dentist is the best person to make this determination prior to your implant.