Dental Sealants

One of the tools that can help you arrest dental decay is a strong dental sealant. The average person’s teeth have indentations, small fissures, and pitted areas that food can easily attach too and be hard to dislodge and remove. Once a dental sealant is applied to these problem areas, this surface smooths out and becomes easier to clean.

No indents – no areas for bacteria to hide in. Generally, the best time for sealant application is during childhood and teen years. Children that are susceptible to seriously decay problems are the ones that will mostly benefit from a sealant application, but sealants are a good preventative measure for everyone.

Dental sealants are quite effective in preventing decay, providing the sealant remains attached to the applied teeth. For this reason, a retention adhesive may be used prior to the sealant application. A dental sealant can be effective for up to 10 years providing you with an added layer protection against enamel eroding bacteria.