The need for dentures can be the result of dental decay, overall neglect, drug use, or dental injury. Gum disease can also cause teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. Pregnant women are also at high risk due to the effects of increased hormone activity that can cause morning sickness and resultant high acid levels in the mouth. All of these situations often lead to a denture solution.

Dentures can be partial – attached your remaining teeth – or full top and bottom teeth replacement units. They’re supported by your soft and hard gum tissue, and should give the appearance of your regular teeth.

The upper denture material looks like your natural gums and the teeth portion will look very convincing as well. Partial dentures are recommended when there are remaining teeth for the new tissue to anchor to. Partials are also recommended when a bridge will not work due to loose teeth, or when there are multiple teeth to be replaced.

Full dentures come in a set of two. The top appliance will sit on your top gums but will also have a roof plate that fits inside the upper part of your mouth. The bottom plate will be ‘U’ shaped and fit over your lower gums comfortably. Well-made dentures will fit your mouth perfectly and have a natural and realistic appearance. Our denture lab partners were carefully selected for their attention to detail and close attention to our personal denture instructions. Generally, in six to eight weeks after removal of your teeth, your full denture set will be ready.