General Care

When you choose Markic Dental, you get an office that has dentists fully qualified in general dentistry, as well as dentists with special skills and capabilities.

The office is focused on full family treatments for every member. All types of traditional dentistry are performed, including; cleanings, fillings, extractions, and whitening. Convenient hours make it easy to get the care when you need it as well.

If you are nervous and concerned, don’t be. The practice specializes in making first time and ultra-anxious patient feel relaxed and stress free. The entire office was designed to make patients feel at home instead of in a medical clinic. In addition to the full complement of dentists, the office also has a diverse complement of hygienists for cleaning and scaling services.

The central location makes getting there and back to your family, or back to work a very convenient situation.

When patients need care outside our office, the practice has a full list of proven referral specialists. The practice also has excellent familiarity with all insurance and corporate dental plans and programs, and will do all the paper work for you so your treatment will be processed without delay or problems.