Hygiene Care

Proper dental hygiene is a learned skill. Good hygiene health is more than just brushing alone. Brushing your teeth the wrong way is not only ineffective, it can actually remove enamel over time and expose roots to bacteria and decay.

With every visit, the Markic team provides good dental pointers, as well as dental products to take home with you. You’ll learn the fastest and easiest way to floss between teeth and how to make this a good dental habit.

You will also learn how to care for your gums to ensure that teeth live in a strong and healthy environment, as well as receive the tools to keep gums looking good and keep gingivitis gum disease at bay. Gum problems can be reversed, providing the deterioration is not excessive. But, like most unaddressed problems, they don’t get better on their own.

Your personal hygienist will get to know you, and get to know your teeth. The hygienist will develop a cleaning and scaling program that takes into account your personal habits. Small problems are often caught before they become bigger issues at a cleaning appointment. Our hygienists have been with the team for many years, and provide exceptional care to all the Markic Dental patients.