Intraoral Camera

At Markic Dental, we believe in involving clients in their dental assessments in treatments. One of the best ways to do this is with the digital Intraoral Camera. This camera displays accurate and impressive high-resolution digital photos when the handheld camera is passed over a patient’s teeth.

The digital camera resides at the end of a stylus. It takes moving images that are instantly transmitted to the office computer. The Intraoral Camera is an effective ‘low invasive’ way to provide a clear image of the condition of any mouth.

While comfortably seated in the dental chair, any patient can easily see all areas pointed out by the camera. Images collected from the procedure can also be identified and stored in a patient’s digital file.

Patients can also take home images of possible treatment areas. One of the biggest benefits of the Intraoral Camera, is that it opens up dialogue between the patient and the dentist. It’s an incredible tool for increasing understanding on both sides.