Night Guards

We live in a nonstop world, where people are under unusual amounts of stress. For this reason, one of the most common dental issues presented at the Markic office is uneven tooth wear. Conscious or unconscious grinding can wreak serious havoc on teeth overtime. The constant gnawing can wear teeth down considerably, and lead to further dental complications, like root canals or extractions.

Stress, anxiety and bad habits can work against you in ways that show up in your teeth. When the problem is severe, we will recommend a sleep night guard. This hard material guard will take the grinding punishment and stop your teeth from getting smaller. In addition, X-rays can also reveal unusual stresses on teeth. An unfavorable image can also lead to a discussion on wearing a night guard before bed.

If recommended, a model will be taken of your teeth in our offices. A night guard will be designed to prevent further tooth structure loss.

Small adjustments may be made by the dentist to make sure your appliance fits perfectly.  Before bed, you place the plate over your teeth and go to sleep. You will find the appliances were designed to wear while sleeping, and after a few nights you probably won’t even notice you are wearing it. The custom appliance is very resilient, comes with a case, and is designed to be taken with you on holidays, or on overnight trips. Stop the unattractive wear grinding can give to your teeth, and ask about a Markic Dental night guard.