Pediatric Dentistry

After the appearance of a child’s first tooth, we recommend a first visit to our office. Tooth decay can start at any age, and very young children are at special risk due to their inability to carry out general dental hygiene. Parents will also benefit from nutrition counselling and a schedule for preparing for the child’s secondary or adult teeth.

When a child fears a visit to the dentist, care must be undertaken to prevent this fear or concern from continuing into early adulthood. If not addressed early, childhood fears can become adult experience limiting conditions. At Markic Dental we approach pediatric dentistry by starting with the child’s level of understanding, and not where we want him or her to be.

We know that a dental office and dental equipment can seem overwhelming and scary to younger ones, and we start by slowing the process down dramatically. This helps the child take in the process in a way that is not overly stimulating. We use the SHOW and TELL method to carefully explain every step along the way, and how the equipment works so the patient feels part of the process.

Our monitor displays interesting and age targeted material, along with having the ability to show what is taking place inside the mouth. With children, we are also overly careful to instruct them that everything stops if they experience any discomfort or any overly uncomfortable feelings.