Most people over sixty have some teeth loss. A preventative program will help alleviate this. When children receive good dental direction, they not only keep their teeth, but parents spend less on dental work. Young patients easily pick up good overall health benefits when properly instructed. The Markic team is practiced in recognizing when work performed now saves time and money in the future. An example would be the removal of a filling that is old and cracked.

This preventative measure can save a tooth that might otherwise be lost if it cracks and has to be extracted. Tooth extraction is not reversible, and follow up restorative work can be costly and time consuming. It is much better to prevent the problem in the first place.

Another good preventative measure is to know and understand the types of foods that can affect your teeth long term -decay or stain causing- or cause immediate damage (nuts and hard candy etc). Patients with susceptible or sensitive teeth will receive preventative guidelines.

The combination of effective in home brushing and flossing, regular hygienist appointments, and placing your ongoing care with a dental office that knows your history will give you a preventative solution that works.