Sports Mouth Guards

Not all sports are played professionally, and some are never played after youth or early adult hood. Unfortunately, some of the damage done to teeth playing at either a recreational or a competitive level, can last a lifetime. Sports guards are an excellent idea, but only if they are used preventatively before the damage is done.

The small investment in this safeguard can dramatically outweigh the costs associated with reconstructive surgery or dentistry. An additional reason to invest in a sports guard, is that many sports are played after hours, or on weekends, when the only option for immediate dental care is by an emergency dental clinic. While this is effective, your emergency crew is unlikely to know your complete dental history and long-term dental plan. Much better to be fully prepared for any possible accident or incident.

Today, most minor league sports groups (where the likelihood of tooth damage may occur), will already have a sports guard protocol in place. Unorganized or singular participation events like skiing and roller sports see lots of teeth accidents as well, so individuals are on their own to make the decision to wear one.

Although “boil & bite” premade mouthguards are better that not wearing a mouthguard at all, a custom appliance will ensure a better fit and have a re-inforcement behind the upper front teeth to avoid displacement at the time of impact.

After deciding on your custom sports mouth guard, an imprint will be taken of your teeth in the Markic office. A custom fitted appliance will follow from this mould. Any changes to achieve a perfect fit are included. If you play multiple sports, the value is increased, and the cost is spread over more than one activity. That’s an extra incentive to keep that pleasing smile into late adulthood.