Take Home Whitening

Time, natural coulourants, and inconsistent dental habits can all conspire together to turn beautiful teeth dull and off color. Pharmacy and dental aisle products can contain elements that give results, but often do so by deleting a thin layer of tooth enamel with abrasive ingredients. Results can be very uneven and unpredictable as well.

Markic Dental can get you on the road to a celebrity smile – the long lasting way – with high performance whitening treatment plans. A dentist directed whitening program will give you the results you are looking for by using extra strength materials. These materials are proven and developed for use under a dentist’s instruction.

After a discussion about your goals, a recommended approach is undertaken. Custom imprints are made of your teeth in the Markic on site lab area, and a custom whitening tray is given to you to take home. These custom trays assure that you get an even distribution of whitening material over all your teeth. The trays are worn for four hours a day, allowing you to work on your brighter smile in private, after work or after school, or even while you sleep at night with no safety concerns.

Trays can be stored and used for future brightening as well. The whitening material has a mint flavor and is very easy to use with the specially designed applicators. In short order, you will have the celebrity smile you deserve. An even, believable and long lasting brightness that will make you the envy of your friends.