Total Balanced Smile

Many patients present themselves to our office with high levels of oral hygiene and teeth that are in excellent health. So why are they here? The reason for their visit is that they were unhappy with the hand Mother Nature that has dealt them with respect to the shape and size of their visible teeth. Some smiles that are quite pleasing, also feature misshaped, crooked or even chipped teeth with tones that cover the entire shade spectrum. At one time, people just lived with their imperfections and smiled discretely or with lip tight grins. Today, clients have dramatic smile changing options. If you’re not happy with your current appearance, Doctor Gordan Markic – one of our resident smile enhancers – will develop a corrective program that will deliver you high complimented results.

A balanced smile program could include the following procedures:

  • Straightening
  • Shaping
  • Restorative work
  • Whitening

Or other market recommendations that are unique your smile improvements situations. In preparation for your eventual balanced look, some dental moulds will be taken of your existing. From these moulds an artistic plan will be put in place. The shape of your face, the width of your mouth, how you smile and your actual size of your teeth are all taken into account while your pleasing result is taking shape. A simulation of the final result (in digital form or as wax overlays) will be created so you can see the destination before embarking on the journey.

You’re involved every step of the way as your results are built up one step at a time. Once procedures are complete, you will have the smile you always wanted but might not have realized was possible.